Onchain Real-World Assets

Fully backed with proof of reserves.


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Put your digital assets to work. Built for both Institutional and Retail Users. Learn more.

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defi earn accounts

Fully automated yield generating earn accounts utilizing decentralized protocols.

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self custodial

BoF cannot access Users assets nor does BoF have discretion of where Users assets are deposited.

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Real-world asset Earn Accounts**

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US Treasury Bonds


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BDC Income


+ more

* Underlying yields before fees as at 14th March 2024

** RWA products subject to change

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Spending account

Spend USDC anywhere in the world Mastercard is accepted.

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No minimum deposit

Regardless of the amount you wish to deposit, BoF provides a fair playing field for all.



Partner With Us (Coming Soon)

Enable your users to access onchain Real-World Assets directly through your own platform by utilizing our sophisticated onchain Real-World Asset infrastructure.

Partner With Us (Coming Soon)
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b2b infrastructure

Infrastructure built to service KYC Compliant Protocols, Centralized Exchanges and TradFi Institutions.

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Tokenized securities across multiple blockchains all accessed via a single infrastructure stack.

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evm compatible

Able to be deployed on EVM compatible chains in only a matter of days.

Fully Backed Real-World Assets

Independently confirm the collateral reserves backing your tokens

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backed 1:1

Every Real-World Asset position is backed 1:1 with the underlying asset that is held by a licensed third party custodian.

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BoF provides audit reports of Real-World Assets held in custody along with onchain proof of token reserves which can be tracked in real-time.

Chains, Partners & Investors

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Regulatory Compliance

Upcoming Launches

Operating within a regulatory compliant environment is of the utmost importance to BoF which is why we are currently working through the regulatory framework to launch BoF product offerings in the EU and NZ among others.

We welcome partnerships with established companies in new jurisdictions who hold relevant licenses to support a compliant launch of the BoF product suite.
For partnership inquiries please contact us at: hello@bof.xyz

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Launching Soon

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