About BoF

Onchain Real-World Asset Infrastructure and Platform

BoF’s multi-chain Platform enables users to seamlessly access onchain Real-World Assets and attractive DeFi yields. Users can also spend USDC via a Mastercard online and in store via Apple and Google Pay. BoF’s Platform is a non discretionary and non custodial platform that operates under a regulatory compliant framework.

BoF also offers B2B Multichain Real-World Asset Infrastructure that is designed to facilitate the issuance of Real-World Assets on any EVM compatible blockchain. The Infrastructure is built to serve the BoF B2C Platform, other KYC compliant protocols, Centralized Exchanges and TradFi Institutions who want to provide onchain RWA’s to their users.

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Our Mission

We strive to revolutionize the investment landscape by offering a self-custodial, on-chain platform that brings Real-World Assets to the fingertips of all, irrespective of their investment capacity. Our goal is to break down barriers to entry ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to participate. Through fostering transparency, security, and accessibility, we aim to build a community of empowered users contributing to a more inclusive and diversified financial ecosystem.

Important information

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